What Kind of Mice Do You Have in Canadian Homes?

Canada hosts to primary types of mice species and they are deer mice and house mice. Deer mice I also called as field mice and wood mice. House mouse is most found in Canadian homes because they always establish their habitat in human homes. They are different in appearance and they seek shelter in your home to avoid the winter chill, find a cozy home and food and water to feed their babies. In the wild they used to live in open nests or underground tunnels they dig with their paws and snout.  If you are bothered by these rodents and you are losing sleep because of their presence it is advised to call BBPP, professional mice removal King City and ask them to get rid of them. It is important that you remove them from your house because they will gradually take over your house by increasing their numbers and make life more miserable for you.

What mice look like?

Your house mouse if brown or grey and their underbelly is light coloring. Deer mice is gray or brown and white bellies and while tails. Both these species have bigger ears in comparison with their body and can grow up to the length of 150mm to 170mm. their tails are characteristically long or short such as house mouse has a tail which is double of its body length while deer mice have tails that are half the length of their body.  Deer mice feet are white colored where as house mouse has feet that are pinkish.

Where they live?

Mice on the whole like to live in hidden places. In outdoor areas they live in thickets, underbrush and dense vegetation thus remain concealed to human eyes. Though they live in open fields they still prefer living with human a better idea thus invade buildings, barns, outhouses, lawns, industrial units and warehouses. Mice build their nests near food sources while living away from threats by predators. They like to feed on readymade food thus prefer human homes where food is available all the time. Employ mouse control King City if you have many of them living in your house.

What they eat?

Mice eating habits are almost same as human. They prefer to eat grains, nuts, seeds, fruits but also feed on insects, meat scraps, and any food item that is discarded by human. These miles strangely will bite in to anything and some of the examples will include paper, drywall, plastic, books, wires, insulation etc. Mice consume food multiple times in a day and some species go upward of 20 to 30 times a day.


Mice and rats can multiply very quickly. They start producing after six weeks of their birth and can deliver many litters in a year. In each litter they will deliver 5-6 babies and they can have up to dozen litters in a year. Their gestation period is just 20 days and they give birth to five to six babies at a time. They attain sexual maturity within a month for male and 2 months for female. Mice have a lifespan of just one year under protected environment. They same may be applicable to rats and in Canada you find Norway rats the most in human homes. You should engage the services of rat control King City in case of rat infestation.

Mice is not good news if you have them in your house and it is better advised to remove them as soon as possible before they start damaging your house in large scale. If you have mice infestation at home call BBPP, the best Rodent Exterminator King City and get them exterminated at once. You can contact them on phone number 647-910-6315 or send email to info@bbppcanada.com and get a free quote.

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