Things You Should Not do While Removing Mice Infestation

When it comes to mice removal there is mixed reaction from people who advocate remedies based on their experience with rodents. Most people will tell you to simply buy rodent repellants and spray or initiate them in various nooks and corners. For them it is a straightforward method where you don’t have to monitor traps every morning. Other general option adapted by public is to capture mice dead or alive with different types of traps. There is no such thing as a sure and single solution that can be employed to annihilate mice, so it is better advised that you call professional help such as BBPP the most effective mice removal Aurora and get rid of mice infestation neatly.

Points to note when you undertake rodent control on your own:

Do not use following unproven methods

You may have come across several mouse control measures but not all are effective in removing the rodents totally. It is better to consult mouse control Aurora as it is a trusted source for mice removal.

  • Using cat or dog to hunt mice

This is an unproven method. Your pet cat or dog may not be able to catch mice when they go in to their holes. We know that your pets are not trained to catch rodents so you cannot expect them to capture the entire population of mice residing in your home. It can be a messy operation where your daily routine could be disturbed. Another important thing you should note is that your pets can get infected when they attempt to capture mice or catch them. If you are not aware you should know that mice carry many terminal diseases that they can pass on to your pet which in turn could pass it on to you.

  • Using ultrasonic sounds or hazing devices

Deploying imitation hawks or activating sprinklers are not effective. At initial stages mice may be startled but will get accustomed to these devices in that case they will continue building nests, stealing food, contaminating surfaces and damaging furniture.

  • Planting strong scented plants

You may have come across this advice from many quarters and that may include planting garlic, lavender, onion, daffodil or mint. General concept is mice will be repelled by their strong scents and mice will go away some other places. There is concrete evidence or report with this regard so it may not work.

  • Using cheese as bait

This won’t work because contrary to general belief mice are not suckers for cheese, as they would rather eat meat, bacon, peanut butter, nuts, chicken etc. Baiting mice and rats is old method that can work for a couple of mice but not the best rat control Aurora idea.

You can use regular clap traps to capture mice and it will be a less messy affair. You may not be inclined to kill mice with traps or bait station so normal clap traps are your best mice removal method. You can always catch them and release them in a far away field. Mice won’t find their way back because they never venture out more than 100 feet from their nests. The faraway field can be a tough proposition for them. If mice infestation in your home is beyond your control then it is time you call BBPP, the best rodent exterminator Aurora and ask them to get rid of the infestation at once. You can contact them on phone number 647-910-6315 or Mail to and get a free quote.

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