Understanding The Top Differences Between Rats and Mice

Rats and mice, belonging to the rodent family, resemble one another. Often, you may get confused about which one you are dealing with.

Interestingly though, there are considerable differences in their outlooks and behaviours. Sure, it’s okay to get scared while spotting a rat or a mouse on your cupboard. When you are frightened of the rodents, you don’t really want to look at it.

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The Top Differences Between the Two

Wondering what the top differences between the two rodents are? Here is a look.


The colour of the mouse and rat might look the same: white, brown, or grey. However, their features and behaviours are different. The size of a mouse is smaller when compared to rat. Mice weigh lesser too.


The rats are typically 12-20cm and weigh 12-30gms.


The mouse has triangular snouts, long whiskers and a long tail fully covered with hairs, whereas a rat has a blunt snout and a hairless-long tail. If you are not sure about their appearances, you can always ask the professionals to walk in and identify them.


A mouse is always curious; and hence, tries exploring weird places and baits. So, you do not require tricky baits or traps to catch a mouse. Rats, on the other hand, are cautious. They do not explore many places in your houses.


If you hear squeaking and chattering noises at nights, then it must be rats fighting or searching for the food. Mice usually make lighter squeaking sounds, and you can hear their nails digging sounds in the dry walls for the grip.


Mice are excellent in balancing. They can jump up to 13 inches. While rat follows the same path and place to find food, the mouse keeps changing its course every consecutive night. It makes the mouse control and extermination service more difficult. Mice can live up to a year and breed up to 10 litters. A rat burrows through the buildings, drainage systems or toilets to live in sewers. But mice rarely dig holes; instead, they use any soft fabric to create their burrows.

Should You Be Worried?

Remember, both can make significant damage to physical properties. They also harm your health and safety. We are here to help you in differentiating the mouse from the rat. You can scroll this page to identify when you spot a rodent in your house.

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