The Top Unexpected Places Cockroaches and Bed Bugs Hide

Small insects like bed bugs and cockroaches can hide in your apartment secretly, to go exploring at night. These pests can hide at your bed, closet, the tiny cracks and nails on the wall or other places where you cannot think about. It’s why you need to look for the best pest control and removal services in Mississauga & Brampton.

Where do You Find The Pests?

We are here to help you in spotting a few of the top unexpected-places in your room where you can find these bugs. If you don’t find and control them, they might spread to other rooms in your house, and even to your neighbourhood. You might carry these bed bugs, for instance, from the most unexpected places like public transit or an untidy hotel to your apartment. We are going to let you know the surprising places at your house, where these bed bugs use it as their secret spot.

Cockroaches, on the other hand, occupy most of the places, where they can infest; that is, from where they can get food. You can find them in pipes, as well as cabinets. But there are more places where they can hide, and you won’t suspect those areas. For instance, cockroaches can also hide inside furniture, or other nooks and crannies in your home – just like bed bugs.

With proper Cockroaches control & removal services in Brampton & Mississauga, it does become easier to ensure you eliminate the pest worry.

The Top Places Cockroaches and Bed Bugs Can Hide

These bugs can hide in the electrical outlets of your room. You heard us right! You might think that they can’t stay in such a dangerous location. They can also be hiding inside your electronic devices like computer, TV or game station. Can you imagine them hiding at your kid’s toy house? You can find a large number of these tiny flat insects in your door hinges and mouldings. If you have rugs and carpets in your room, it is more likely to find them in it.

You might feel surprised to hear that the bed bugs love clothing. Therefore, any unused clothes on your cupboard can be an infested area of these bugs. If you have a habit of storing your laundry clothes in your bedroom, then these insects make the laundry basket as their area for infestation. The bed bugs live in colonies, and therefore, if you spot one in your cushion, there can be many under it.

Do not worry if you aren’t able to find their precise locations after spotting one or a couple of them in your room. BBPP, the best pest control, and prevention service in Mississauga & Brampton, is here to help you in identifying them. We make sure to identify the infested areas, methods and treatments to prevent and control them. Come, take one of our annual packages, and be pest free, for the entire year!

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