Why do I Have Mice in My Markham Home?

It is common for Canadian homes to be infested with different types of mice. The same can be said about whole North America. In Canada you will find primarily the House Mouse & Deer Mouse which are basically field mice that barge in to your homes when outside world becomes hostile to them. Unfortunately you cannot avoid mice whether in your home or outside in the field because they are greater in number and their gestation period is only 20 days after they are impregnated. They typically live for a year in favorable environment. Outside there is no guarantee for life because of the various predators that make a meal of mice wandering in the field.  Your home offers them protected shelter; readily available food and water thus always prefer to live in human homes. Mice infestation of your house will prove to be disastrous for you due to their destructive nature. You are better advised to call professional help such as BBPP, most effective mice removal Markham and get rid of them without any hesitation.

Reasons for mice infestation of your home

In thickly populated areas human homes offer a great alternative to the dangerous badlands of outdoors to mice. Snow and frost get the better of them when winter sets in so they go to the nearest human habitat and build nests in your house areas like wall voids, attics, barn, kitchen, basement, crawl spaces, garages etc. Mice always build nests near food sources so you can expect to see their nests in some hidden areas of rooms where food is stored or cooked. They prefer to live in dark isolated places and come out to hunt for food only during nights. Proper mouse control Markham is required to check them and remove them.

What kind of damage mice can cause?

Domestic mice feed on a variety of food that you consume routinely and they would include cereals, nuts, fruits, seeds, pet food, bird seed and readymade foods like pea nut butter, cookies and biscuits. They also eat meat scrapes, insects and plant matter find in your garden. This is one of the reasons why mice prefer your homes to build nests. Mice and rats are constant eaters as they eat the above items and others for more than a dozen times in a day. With their vociferous appetite they will make a mockery of your food storage and ransack them by tearing food packets and spilling them on the floor. They also defecate and urinate while they eat the spilled food hurriedly. Besides stealing food they also contaminate them by their droppings and urine, which may result in deadly infections like Hantavirus or Salmonella, LCMV or plague. Call rat control Markham if you want to avoid these diseases.

Should you be worried about mice infestation?

Yes, you should because mice can damage your household items and damage your architecture. Mice have and rats have the habit of chewing, gnawing and nibbling wood, cloth, paper, corrugated boxes, upholstery, sofa stuffing, costly wardrobe, woodwork even aluminum containers. It is a triple threat namely food and structural loss and spreading of deadly infections.

You must call BBPP, the best rodent exterminator Markham, who also serves other nearby towns, and get the infestation removed professionally. You can contact the pest control on phone number 647-910-6315 or send email to info@bbppcanada.com to get a free quote.

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