What Havoc Can Rats Wreak in Your Household?

The worst can happen when rats enter your homes. Rats are known for their ugly appearance and filthy habits and also the diseases they can spread among human. Rodents can cause considerable damage when they set foot in your household and the damages would also include material and structural damage. if you find rodent infestation you should consult the best rodent control Vaughan like BBPP who is expert in dealing with rodents in the area. Here is how rats and mice can spread diseases in your family and the damages your household will suffer by their actions:

Rats will chew electrical wires and cause accidents

Rodents like rats and mice love to chew and rats especially have incisors that grow throughout their lifespan. In order to stop them from overgrowing they have to chew or gnaw things so they are worn down and halt their overgrowth temporarily.  Though it is natural behavior of rats it is dangerous for human, because chewing electrical can causing fire by short circuit.  In the process rats also cause material loss in the form wires rendered useless due to chewing.

Can cause structural damage to homes

Rats could be real nuisance when it comes to property infestation. Costly structural damages can be caused by a single rat, as rats are equipped with teeth that are strong enough to cut through materials like concrete, aluminum, steel, plastic and wood. They will cut plastic items and water pipes to gather building material so they can build their nests in your homes.

Will contaminate food materials

When rodents get in to your food stock they would contaminate them with their urine, feces and hair. Eating food contaminated by rats will lead to bacterial infection like food poisoning and salmonella.

Carriers of dangerous diseases

Rats naturally carry dangerous diseases through their droppings and urine. Some of the most dangerous diseases they can transfer to human include leptospirosis, Weil’s disease and rat-bite fever.

  • Leptospirosis is the result of Leptospira bacteria infection which is spread through food and water contaminated by rat’s urine.
  • Rate-bite fever or Streptobacillosis is caused by bite or scratch inflicted on human body by rats. The disease could also occur if you handle infected animals that have been fed with food and water contaminated by rats urine or feces.
  • Weil’s disease is contracted by human when they come in contact with rat urine. When rats contaminate fresh water with their urine it spreads to human.

Rodents carry fleas and ticks

Rodents like rats bring in fleas and ticks that eventually spread to larger animals like dogs and cats. When rodent infection takes place your pets will also have fleas. For fleas it is impossible to survive on the smaller bodies of rats so they simply infect larger pets in the house.

Rat infestation is a dangerous incidence and the infestation needs to be tackled by experts like BBPP, highly effective Pest control Vaughan and for nearby areas.  Only professional pest Control Company like BBPP can remove rodent infestation from your home because they are experienced and trained to accomplish the task with high rate of success.

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