The Top Pests to Watch Out for During Winter

Do you believe pests just go somewhere during the winter months?  Unfortunately, it isn’t quite so.

In Canada, the end and beginning of the year can get quite chilly, and pests would rather head to somewhere warm. It could be beneath the ground or could be within your home!

You don’t have to be on the lookout for every pest, but there are some that you should keep an eye out for, especially during winters. Which ones are they? Let’s take a look.

  1. Mice and Rodents

These cute looking pests are exactly the one you should keep an eye on. During the winter season, they need shelter for protection from cold – your home is an irresistible shelter for them.

Thinking what could they possibly do? Apart from eating the wood and food in your home – which could be dangerous – they will multiply. They will go from a family of two to at least a family of 15 -20 before summer arrives!

Mice carry several diseases including viruses like hantavirus and bacteria like Tularemia. During times of plague, rodents are known to help spread the disease.

It’s why you need to look at reliable mouse control & removal services in Bolton to help you out.

  1. Bed bugs –

Nothing is better for these pesky pests than your warm home. While scientists may not yet know why we itch, it’s no secret that bed bug bites can be a factor. They get the food they need [read – your blood], and a place to stay. Plus, bed bugs are tenacious hitchhikers. They will get on you, your clothes, items and move from one place to another.

So, if you’ve been to any hotel or some other place, take extra care. Once you reach home, clean yourself along with your items – from bags to clothes.

  1. Cockroaches –

To be honest, they are present round the year. However, during winters, they appear even more. If you see them, get rid of them. If you believe there is cockroach infestation, call in the pest control experts.

Don’t wait when it comes to a pest infestation; it won’t be easy at that time. Apart from these, bugs and rodents could be a worry during winters too.

Ensure you’ve a pest-free home!

Do not let your home be a shelter for these uninvited guests. Call in the experts and let us ensure you have a pest free home. We do a thorough cleaning, whether it be Mouse control & removal services in Bolton or something else, and we promise that your property is free from the pests for at least 60 days.

Want to ensure you look forward to a more worry-free year? Subscribe to one of our annual packages to make your home free from pests, all 365 days!

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