Precautions for Limiting Household Exposure to Mice

Mice infestation can be limited by reduced exposure of your household to them. This would mean removing food, water, and other items that attract them. Another way you can prevent them is by denying entry.  By closing entries located at various areas of your outer walls and foundation you can stop mice from entering. Here we will give you a list of thing you can do to prevent mice exposure. In the mean time, if you have an ongoing infestation, you can call BBPP an experienced mouse control services Vaughan and get rid of it. Now onto the list of measures you can take to prevent mice exposure:

The mice prevention campaign can be created by using an integrated pest management and approach. The campaign can include thing such as sanitation of your environment, food storage safety, mouse proofing of household, traps and usage of rodenticide.

Steps to take inside your home

  • Use rodent proof containers to keep food and water. These containers could be thick plastic, metal or glass made and tightly lidded.
  • Use rodent-proof containers to store pet food, bird seeds, cattle feed etc and do not leave leftover pet food on the plate.
  • Empty water from all sources outside during nights
  • Take out garbage in regular basis and dispose them in garbage trucks or dumpsters placed outside. Keep trash cans at a distance from your home. Always keep the lid of the trashcan tightly closed.
  • Wash all the utensils, cooking units, pans and dishes after use
  • Remove food traces from cooking area and also collect spilled food from the floor and dispose it in trash can. Make sure to clean your dining table and if possible disinfect the surfaces.
  • Any container that is used for storing or transferring food must be cleaned and disinfected

The above measures will ensure that mice do not get food and will eventually go somewhere else.

 Deployment of traps

Deploy traps in places where mice frequent. You can place them both inside your house and outside. Spring loaded traps are better because it won’t kill rodent but keep it in confinement. You can always dispose the live mouse into a far away field or deserted landscape.  This will work well because mice never go beyond a certain boundary of 100 feet radius. If you leave the mice one or two km away from your home they won’t return. You should deploy the traps along the runways made by rodents, dusted and dark areas of your home, and places where mice frequent and defecate.  Deployment of glue traps won’t be a good idea because they only capture pups.

Outside of your house

De-clutter outside areas of debris and mounds of dumped items. Remove piles of trash, cardboard boxes, old items, and anything can give asylum to rodents.

  • If you are storing logs outside keep them at a height of 2 feet.
  • Always store garbage in tightly lidded containers
  • Store grains, seeds, nuts and other dry food items in metal containers or thick plastic containers
  • Do not leave food outside of your house and remove all traces food from the grass after a barbeque party.
  • Borrow a skip to remove all dumped items outside and dispatch them to landfill or recycling centers
  • Trim grass and foliage and reduce the volume of greenery close to your walls. Cut tree limbs near your wall and trim or remove brushes and thickets near your building.

Despite your efforts if you are still infected by mice infestation you can call BBPP, the best pest control service Vaughan and also for nearby areas, and get rid of them professionally. You can contact them on phone number 647-910-6315 or send mail to to get a free quote.

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