Possible entry points that will let mice into your homes

Mice are a menace when they inhabit your home. They are furry, ugly and adapt filthy habits like contaminating your food and home surfaces. They are hard to deal with because they are not easily catchable owing to their extreme sense for smelling danger and unbelievable agility. The best way to deal with them is to prevent them from entering your homes. Once you let them in they will settle down and spread quickly to other areas of your home. To accomplish this you will have to locate the possible entry points for mice and block them so they are denied entry. Locating entry points is done by the professionals efficiently as they are more experienced and you can contact outfits like BBPP, the most experienced mouse exterminator Thornhill and let them do it correctly.

If you have decided to do it on your own you can look for mice entry points at the following places:

It is usually a hole or crack on the wall, foundation, or attic area that allow mice into your homes. However smaller the hole or crack is mice can easily get through it by squeezing and collapsing its body. You have to be meticulous in tracking down the entry points because they may not be visible to human eyes sometime.

Possible entry points

  • Holes, cracks and wall voids
  • Gap between roof and wall
  • Entry points of pipe network
  • Drain lines
  • Trees and vines that are close to your house
  • Under the door and through broken window panes

Mice are extremely quick and will scamper to safety before you could get a glimpse of them. They are also extremely athletic and can jump, climb, run along pipe lines and swim across water. They will climb drain pipes and enter your home through the roof. If there is a tree nearby mouse will use it to access your upper floors. If your door sweep is worn out or not installed then mice have an open invitation to enter your home. Mice and rats will swim and climb through drain lines and make their way into your kitchen or bathroom. If you have thickets or bushes close to your walls mice will try to enter your home through a hole found in your foundation. Mice have the tendency to make holes larger by biting and chewing masonry so it will be an easy task for them if they find even the tiniest hole in your walls and foundations.

Once you have completed the task of locating their entry points you can start blocking them. Holes can be filled with cement, concrete or caulk. Drain outlets can be blocked with steel wire mesh as they are hard to bit or chew by mice. Mice have the capability to chew through aluminum so it is advised that after sealing holes with caulk you also make doubly sure by plugging the hole with a ball of steel wool. Blocking entry is the most successful mice control measure you can count on, and if you fail to check them due to larger infestation you must call professional services like BBPP, the best pest control Thornhill in the area. You can contact them on phone number 647-910-6315 or by email to [email protected].

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