How to Get Rid of Mice in Basement Insulation?

Get Rid of Mice in Basement  - BBPPIt is bad enough that mice scamper across floor from behind furniture and appliances during the dead of the night. But it could become worse if they settle down in walls, ceilings and under the floors and you will be at wits end to figure out how they could be targeted and ousted from these areas. They will also get in to basement, holes found in cement foundation, or in a basement made up of dirt floor. Mice would climb up the ceiling break in to attic and move into places that are less accessible such as insulation in the basement. They would eventually get between your floorboards when it will become difficult to trap them. You would need the services of mouse removal Richmond Hill on these occasions and engage expert mice exterminators like BBPP, most effective mice removal service in vicinity.

Here let us explore how we could get rid of mice from your basement insulation.

Letting mice stay in your basement could pave the way for greater problems such as disease, destruction and disgust as they will spread throughout your apartment. In no time they will infest the whole house from basement and attic.  It can be handled if you resort to some prevention measures such as given below:

  • Remove debris, old junk, clutter and clean the basement thoroughly.
  • Use disinfectant like bleach to clean contaminated surfaces
  • Clear weeds and debris that surround your basement from outside
  • Locate holes and cracks in the foundation or floors and plug them with cement or steel wool ball
  • Inspect and find holes located in the perimeter and do likewise
  • Put up weather strip on your basement door to stop the mice from making their way in to your rooms
  • Lay traps along the basement walls and use peanut butter as bait. Make sure to check the traps daily. Use traps extensively and move them around if necessary.

Smell of mice may still linger on in the basement after you have removed them and you can consult BBPP on this and learn how to get rid of it without harming the environment.

Danger of mice between floors

When you wake up in the midnight and hear scratching or gnawing sound emanating from between ceiling and the floor of the upper storey. It is certainly mice problem and the sign of impending danger. These are tricky places where you will find it extremely hard to lay any kind of trap and your best chances of exterminating these mice is to consult Pest Control Richmond Hill like Best Bug and Pest Protection Inc.,  and ask them to take a look. The trick is to lure the mice out from between floors and basement and exterminate them without making a mess. Only a professional pest control company like BBPP can do this and you can contact them on phone number 647-910-6315 if you see sign of mice in your basement insulation or between floor boards.

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