How to Clean Mouse Droppings from Carpet?

When you have mouse infestation in your home you can also expect mouse droppings on your carpet. Mice have the habit of running across your rooms and in the process leave their urine and droppings on the carpet. Removing mice droppings from carpet can be a difficult task as it is tiny and easily imbed in to the carpet fibers. Carpet can easily hide mouse droppings as it is thick and cushiony and you will be in a dilemma on how to remove them as it is going to be a meticulous job. Many consequences are attached to cleaning carpet of mouse droppings and one of them is the spread of viruses related to mice feces. The most obvious way of cleaning the droppings from carpet may seem to be using vacuum cleaner. It will without any doubt remove mice droppings from the deepest recess of carpet strands but one issue may put you out, the dust the process can kick up. Removing the droppings with vacuum cleaner will generate dust and your family members may inhale the dusty air. You can be sure of the air mingle with rodent related diseases like Hantavirus, which can cause flu-like symptoms. Several precautions need to be taken before you use this cleaning method. Best way to avoid mouse dropping on your carpet is to exterminate the mice, and remove mice infestation. You can call on the expertise of BBPP, the most tactful mouse removal NewMarket.

Removing mice droppings from carpet safely

Since vacuum cleaners kick up dirt and dust from carpet you can remove the droppings manually. You have to take precautions like wearing gloves and covering your mouth with a mask. You can use a detergent or disinfectant solution to spray on the offending mice droppings and let the disinfectant sit on it for 5 minutes or so. Once it is soaked, the droppings will loosen up and you can easily remove those droppings with the gloved hands and deposit them in a disposable bag. Use paper towel to pick up the droppings. You can drop the disposable bag in to the trash bin that you should take out the same day.  After removing the droppings clean the carpet with hot water or steam cleaner and that should pay heed to the infection.  Remove gloves and dispose them off outside and wash your hand thoroughly with soap or disinfectant. This is the best way you can remove mice droppings from the carpet without causing harm to your environment and family members.

Find professional solution

Removing mice feces and urine from carpet is a tedious job, and you cannot do it all the time. if mice remain in your home this will always happen so you must find ways to get rid of them. You can start with home remedies like keeping the house clean and sealing mice entry in to your home. You can lay traps to catch them. This is a cat and mouse game which could go on and on. The best way to avoid mice infestation and infections is to call an expert like BBPP, the best pest control NewMarket and exterminate mice from your property. Contact them on phone number 647-910-6315 or send email to [email protected] to get a free quote.

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