Bedbugs–The Unwanted Guests Feeding on You

Bedbugs are a common sighting in Canada but that does not make a bedbug-infested mattress any more comfortable. If you are worried you might have a bedbug infestation, call an expert for inspection. Whilst you’re waiting, go through this quick guide on handling bedbugs on your own.

Are Bedbug Bites Dangerous?

Bedbugs are tiny insects that feed on people and pets while they sleep. They are nocturnal creatures attracted by the carbon dioxide we exhale when sleeping. Their bites are not fatal but can cause severe allergic reactions in some cases. Bedbug bites are not known to be infectious, so they won’t require any immediate medical attention.

However, in rare cases, people with bedbug-infested homes have reported mental health conditions like insomnia and anxiety. If you experience any such symptom, visit a healthcare provider.

What Do Bedbug Bites Look Like?

Bedbug bites may appear after 14 days that a person is bitten. Common spots you may notice the bite marks are your face, neck, arms, legs, and chest. But where they bite is not fixed, it can be anywhere on the skin. You may experience inflammation and irritation in the areas where bedbugs bite. This may be variable depending on the person.

Bedbug bites are often mistaken for mosquito or flea bites and therefore ignored. They can be treated at home or in extreme cases, need proper treatment. You need bedbugs control and removal services in Mississauga if you are looking to rid your home from these pesky bugs. Companies like the Best Bug and Protection Inc can help you take care of your home, and make it pest free- through the year.

Treating Bedbug Bites

To avoid allergic reactions or infections, use antiseptic creams, lotions, or even antihistamines. Do not scratch the bites and keep the affected area clean. If the bites are very itchy, visit your doctor and apply only the prescribed ointment.

Oral antibiotics may be needed for treating secondary skin infections caused due to excessive scratching.

How Do Bedbugs Enter Our Homes?

Bedbugs evade your home via objects like furniture and clothing. If you want to suspect a bedbug problem, check the following places carefully:

  • Folds of mattresses
  • Cracks and breaks in the furniture
  • Under chairs, couches, beds, and tables
  • Behind electrical outlets, under loose wallpapers, and photo frames
  • Behind clocks, in telephones and radios

3 Ways to Prevent a Bedbug Infestation

Let’s get one thing clear, even the cleanest house can manifest these little pests. But the chances of an infestation diminish considerably if the place is well-maintained. To prevent them from entering your home follow these simple tips.

Be Careful When Buying Used Clothes and Furniture

As mentioned earlier, bedbugs often enter your home through furniture and clothes. Inspect the items that you purchase for bedbugs beforehand.

Travel Safe

If you’re traveling someplace, make sure you check the hotel rooms and furniture carefully for bedbugs. There is a high possibility that you may bring back a few (or many!) unwanted visitors with you.

Be Observant

Lastly, be observant of your surroundings. Knowing that you have a bedbug problem can help you tackle the situation sooner.

Talk to BBPP today if you are looking for bedbugs control in your Mississauga home.

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