6 Rodent-Friendly Spots to Check During Winter

You’re ready to call it a day and are all snuggled up in your warm and fuzzy blanket on a cold winter night. Everything seems quiet and peaceful until you spot it cozily enjoying the warmth of your house. You got it; we are talking about pesky little mice running about your home. Even if they disappear within a second, these unwanted invaders are enough to ruin your sleep.

The question that arises is do mice hibernate in winter?

The answer? Of course not.

Rodents may not seem as active in cold weather as they do during summers, but they are still present in your homes and workplaces. It is not an overstatement that every property has experienced a mice infestation at some point in time. So, how do you know that you’re hosting unwanted guests?

Signs that you have unwanted houseguests

Not sure whether that furry flash was a rodent or a figment of your imagination?

Here is a list of telltale signs that confirm that you have a mice infestation to take care of:

  • Mice and Rat droppings
  • Evidence of a habitat
  • Gnaw marks on wooden furniture, doors, and any item
  • Bite marks on packaged eatables or dry goods

The droppings you find may measure between 1/4th to 3/8th of an inch and be dark brown or black. The number of droppings you find can help you gauge the extent of the infestation. Rodents are nocturnal creatures so the best time to look for any activity is at night. Listen for squeaks, movements or unexplained sounds coming from behind or near the walls.

Getting Rid of Rodents

Getting your home back to yourself is possible, here’s how. Plugging any holes in the wall and set traps to capture rats and mice or you could leave it to the professionals by hiring a pest control service.

Whatever method you select, the key is to know where to look for these troublemakers. So, the next section will reveal the six winter favorite spots of mice where you must search.

6 Places to Look for Mice in Winters

  1. Attic and Insulation

Mice are often found nesting in areas that see minimum traffic. So, it only makes sense to look for signs of an infestation in the attic. They make their way into your home through missing patches of insulation.

  1. Basement

Whether you have a proper dark basement or cracks in the foundation of your home. That’s enough for the mice to scurry through. This gets them access to as much water as they need to survive the cold weather.

  1. Garage

Undisturbed access and free food thanks to the garbage bins in the garage makes this a very likely spot to find a nest.

  1. Inside Walls

It is very challenging to catch a mice infestation when it is in the walls. You hear squeaks and the pitter-patter of their tiny feet crawling across or above you. The best option here is to hire a professional pest control agency to take care of this infestation.

  1. Ducts

Nothing beats being in the warmth of your home during icy cold winters with the heat on. But wait a minute, what’s that smell?

If you notice strong nasty scents coming through your ducts, there’s a very high possibility that mice have infiltrated them.

  1. Cabinets/Storage Areas

This is a very common area that you can find mice and rats when it gets cold. To satisfy their hunger in cold conditions rodents often come sniffing around in your kitchens and cabinets. If there’s a storage area or pantry where you hoard food, it’s a bonus for them. Be sure to check in your kitchen cabinets or any food-storage areas.

If you believe your home’s been infested by rodents, don’t wait. Give us a call for mouse control and removal service in Milton, Oakville, Caledon &, North York. We can help make your home rodent free, and our annual package ensures your home will be pest-free throughout the year.

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