Do You Have To Worry About Bed Bugs In Movie Theatres?

While you may hire the best pest control experts and bed bug treatment Richmond Hill to make your home pest free, what do you do when you go outside?

Let’s face it – pests like bed bugs is everywhere. You can spot them on flights, buses, libraries, retail stores, and even movie theatres.

Movie theatre seats can house this obnoxious pest. The movie buff in you can cost you sleepless nights and anxiety. Bed bugs release an anesthetic while feeding on the host, which is why we do not realize it when they are on our bodies.

We react by secreting histamine to counter the saliva protein of the bug. It’s why you feel the redness and the itching later. So, if you don’t feel itchy while watching the movie but feel it after you come back, it can still be caused by bed bugs in the movie theatre.

What can happen if you sit in a bug-infested seat?

Critters like bed bugs hide in the folds and crevices of the movie seat. This gives them a good hiding place to breed, and they multiply in no time. The heat and carbon dioxide emitted by the human body attracts these pests, and they latch on to the skin for their food.

More, these pests can latch onto you even after you get out of the movie theatre and enter your car or go back home. Here, they can lay hundreds of eggs and infest your healthy environment with their blood-thirsty progeny.

How to prevent catching bed bugs at movie theatres?

Here are some precautions you can take to save yourself from these bugs:

Insect repellent sprays

You can spray yourself with insect repellent containing DEET (diethyltoluamide) before going to the movies. Several brands that add fragrances to DEET, so do not worry about smelling bad. Worried about bed bug infestation in your home? With BBPP’s pest control services GTA, you can make your home pest free before you know it.

Flash a torchlight before sitting

Check your seat for tell-tale signs of bed bugs such as exoskeletons or reddish-brown spots by flashing a torchlight. If you suspect that there may be bed bugs, ask the person-in-charge to change your seat or ask for a refund.

Use a sheet to cover yourself

May movie fans who frequent the theatres carry a colorful sheet with them. You can wrap this sheet around yourself to keep the bugs away. Spray insect repellent on the sheet for extra protection. Check the sheet for signs of bed bugs at the interval and the end.

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